MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — A Marysville man carrying a flag pole suffered serious electrical burns after being zapped by powerlines on Wednesday.

Fire crews say what 32-year-old Oleg Cojocar experienced was similar to being struck by lightning.

His friend said Cojocar was putting up a metal flag pole as he often dues at a building called a Sunday school just outside of Marysville. This day, his routine was anything but.

“He raised it up and apparently struck the powerlines about his head,” said Cal Fire Capt. Dale Skinner. “He didn’t notice they were there.”

When fire crews arrived, they say Cojocar was surprisingly standing up and conscious.

“He had burns to his hands and feet and some burns on his legs, and he couldn’t cooperate with us due to the electrical shock so he was kind of disoriented,” Skinner said.

He says it’s the first case he’s seen like this in his 29 years with the fire department.

“The pole conducted the electricity from the lines, down through the pole and it entered through his hands and exited out through his feet,” Skinner said.

Friends say Cojocar doesn’t remember much about what happened, but fire crews and friends know just how close he was to losing his life.

“You just got to be aware of your surroundings,” Skinner said. “If you’re outdoors and there are powerlines in the area you need to be aware that they are up there and they are very dangerous.”


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