One Month Old: A Letter to Maisyn

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Dearest Maisyn Belle,

I will never forget the moment I heard you cry for the first time. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I immediately burst into tears. I glanced at your daddy who was right beside me in the delivery room. He was also in tears. We knew at that moment, our lives had changed forever. Our family was finally complete. I’ve never been happier.

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Her signature pose

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Mommy’s mini.  (Hair is lighter for the summer)

Your dad and I have been in pure bliss ever since. We like to spend hours just staring at you. You like to make so many weird faces. It’s adorable!  You get cross-eyed when you’re hungry! You smile most when you’re full and when your daddy sings to you. He created so many random songs for you, but I think your favorites are the ones with your name in them. I could already tell you love him so much. I have no doubt you are “daddy’s little girl.” I love seeing you two together.

Your cry is pretty cute, too. You make one loud shriek in the beginning. When you start getting tired, your voice gets a little raspy. The doctor who watched over you when we were still in the hospital said your cry is the loudest she’s heard in awhile. You definitely make yourself heard.

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My little fashionista!

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Daddy’s girl. :P

You’re nearly 10 lbs. now, and you’re really strong! When the nurses put you on my chest right after you were born, you were already holding your head up. The nurses and doctors were really impressed. Now, you’re able to hold your head up for a good 30 seconds! Tummy time is way too easy for you.

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Tummy time! 

We have a lot of nicknames for you right now. “Fuss Kid” is one of them. The first 2 weeks, all you did was eat, sleep, poop and pee. But at week 3, you started to get really fussy. It was a lot harder for us to put you to sleep. We realized, you just wanted to hang out with us, so we play and talk and read to you a lot more now.

You hate taking pictures, just like your daddy! We’ve been obsessed with taking pictures of you so we could remember each moment, but you’re not having it. When your daddy tried taking a picture of you with an “exclusive” book he got from Instagram, you threw up all over it! You had the happiest look on your face afterward. Haha!

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After a bath.

Everyone has been excited to meet you! We’ve had a lot of visitors these past weeks. It’s been amazing to see the joy you bring to so many people’s faces… and there are still a lot more people you have to meet! You are loved by so many.

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My heart.

It has been a pleasure watching you grow and getting to know you this past month.  What a fantastic start to this lifetime we have together!  I love you so much my baby girl.

Love Always,


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