STOCKTON (CBS13) — An elderly parking lot attendant who was attacked by a stranger is speaking out from his hospital bed.

The 76-year-old has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks after the attack that was caught on surveillance video.

Elias Carranco’s loved ones have never seen him so vibrant and full of life, but so still and quiet. You have to sit close to hear his voice, which is barely above a whisper.

He says he has no memory of the June assault that was caught on camera that landed him in the hospital bed.

But he remembers his first run-in with the suspect that happened the day before.

“I asked him to move. He was in the exit, and he wouldn’t move,” he said.

Carranco says the man’s bicycle blocked his way out of the lot and says when he accidentally hit the bike, the man punched him in the face.

Elias was back on the job the next day in the same parking lot he’d worked the last 20 years. It wasn’t like him to take a day off.

Police charged parolee Jack Perry, a man nearly half Carranco’s age, with coming back and assaulting the senior with a stun gun.

“The whole family’s in an uproar because why, why did this happen?” Mary Carranco, Elias’ sister, said.

Carranco is a retired Air Force veteran who fought in Desert Storm. He took a job with the city just to keep busy. In his free time, he volunteered at a food pantry, helping the needy.

These days, he’s relegated to a bed.

For a man normally larger than life, it’s the small things like a simple smile or knowing nod that give his family hope.


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