LODI (CBS13) — Canada geese are making a big enough mess at a Lodi park that city leaders are considering allowing dog owners to unleash their animals to go after the geese.

It’s become quite the situation for Lodi Lake Park visitors as 140 Canada geese are leaving behind a large mess.

Heather Massey tries to walk around the lake a few times a week.

“I just try to ignore it and stay off the grass as much as possible,” she said. “I have to take my shoes off before I get into the house.”

Lodi Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Hood says he has counted up to 140 of the birds and says their droppings are leaving a big mess.

“We’re constantly cleaning the beach trying to make it presentable and clean,” he said.

They’ve even put up a fence to keep the geese from coming onto the beach, but they are also looking into long-term solutions, like hiring a herding dog or even having volunteers bring their dogs out.

Even though the geese look peaceful on the lake, park visitors say that can be deceiving. THey say the feathered friends go on a snack attack at times, targeting people.

“Every time we have like food they come after us because they want some,” said Claudia Calvo. “So we just drop it and have them have it.”

There are also signs posted throughout the park asking visitors to stop feeding the wildlife. That way, the geese will have to start looking for food elsewhere.

The department will outline some of its ideas at the Aug. 6 city council meeting.

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