It’s going to be a hot one today – about 10 degrees above normal at this time of the year.

It will get up to 104 in Sacramento and 105 in Folsom and Roseville. Those are the hottest spots around our area.

The valley is waking up to warm temperatures. In the 6 a.m. hour, it was seven to eight degrees warmer this morning than it was on Sunday.

The high pressure is dominating today and squelching any sort of breeze in our area.

It will not squelch all moisture around us. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms could happen in the mountains.

Elsewhere in the country it’s a much different story. Temperatures are running 20 degrees cooler than normal in the Midwest due to a trough of low pressure dipping down from Canada.

If you can get through Monday, you’ll see temperatures falling for the rest of the work week.

It’ll be generally cloud-free along the coast today, heating San Francisco up to 90 degrees.

Get the latest local forecast video and radar updates on your phone with the all-new CBS13 Weather App for iOS.

The Android version is coming later this summer.


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