ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A Rocklin man wants to teach a lesson in saving water to staff at a nearby school.

Well after the sprinklers were on, CBS13 cameras showed the puddles and ponding at Sierra Elementary School.

John Monaco showed us how much water was left over this afternoon on the fields.

“This is insane to have this amount of water here at three in the afternoon that’s what a couple of inches, or an inch deep,” he said.

He lives nearby and claims the baseball field gets watered every day, twice a day.

“The sprinklers are all over the field they’ll go off in sessions,” he said.

Fed up, he took a picture of the water pooling near home plate and sent it to the office of education.

He got a reply right away saying the sprinklers would be looked at.

CBS13 also reached out to the Placer County Water Agency, where we were told the school cut its water use from April to June.

When we heard from the Rocklin Unified School District, a woman admitted she noticed overwatering at the school on Tuesday morning, but that the grass doesn’t get watered every day. When we asked to do an on-camera interview, she said there’s no point and it wasn’t a story.

But John shows a picture of how brown his lawn is after watering it three times a week. He says if crews were doing the same, the field wouldn’t be so green or waterlogged.

“We’re in a drought why in the world are we watering so much here up on a baseball field, softball field that’s not used during the summer?” he said.

The district leader CBS13 spoke to said the sprinklers should be going off only three times a week. But when asked how many times it was actually going off and for how long, she couldn’t give an answer.

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