It’s that time of year again, the NBA Summer league is going on in Las Vegas.

Legends, rookies and media come together in one crazy town to watch, write and play basketball. If you haven’t experienced this event here are five things you can expect while being in Las Vegas for NBA Summer league.

1. A Different Kind of Game.

Basketball is a fast pace team game but when you shove a few rookies and non-drafted players in a mix of sophomores from the season before you get fouls and turnovers galore. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still great because guys are hustling after every ball fighting for a spot on their team. It’s a different game of basketball that is just raw and entertaining.

2. A Lot of Basketball Minds Under One Roof

Doc Rivers, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, Tom Thibodeau, Mitch Richmond and Adam Silver all in the same gym at one time. Whether they’re coaching, scouting or just enjoying the game it’s great seeing so many legends in the Thomas and Mack Center at one time.

3. The NBA Stars off the Court

Walk anywhere in Vegas during NBA Summer league and you might just run into Paul Millsap gambling, Tyreke Evans at a club or one of your favorite rookies in the food court. If you’re one of those hardcore NBA fans always trying to meet your favorite players on and off the court, Vegas is the place to be this time of year.

4. The Child Fans

There are large groups of children that attend these games. They might have their chants wrong as they shout “I believe that we will win,” but there are so many smiles on their faces and they seem to not even care what team they are cheering for, they are just appreciative to be in the Thomas and Mack Center watching the games.

5. Candid Interviews

Everyone from the coaches to your favorite broadcasters are in a different element while working in Vegas for NBA Summer league. There are a lot more genuine interviews and conversations that go on after games, in the stands or sometimes at night walking the streets. It’s a different atmosphere in Vegas for all these professionals who seem to get real and loosen up in this environment.

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