SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A violent hostage shootout in Stockton that left a woman and two suspects dead is reminiscent of another hostage crisis that happened in Sacramento County more than two decades ago.

Armed gunmen stormed the Good Guys electronics store near the Florin Mall, holding more than 50 victims at gunpoint.

Lisa Joseph survived the horrific ordeal in 1991, but is still haunted by it. She says there’s no set of guidelines for hostages on how to heal and deal with the trauma. She knows like her, the women in Wednesday’s robbery will be forever changed.

“There’s nothing that can express what its done to emotionally and what its done to my family,” Joseph said. “It was terrifying and overwhelming and just unbelievable.”

Shopping with her cousin and uncle at the Good Guys, she suddenly found herself one of 50 hostages. Five months pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage during the ordeal and watched as her uncle was shot and killed by the gunmen.

Now, 23 years later, Joseph still has nightmares and flashbacks.

“The feeling comes and then the fear will come,” she said.

She hasn’t watched coverage of Wednesday’s bank robbery, but knows all too well what the two surviving hostages will experience. She says the women will have a long road ahead to heal, likely years.

“My heart goes out to them and I pray that everything works out for them,” she said.

They will likely suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and she says they’ll rely on the support of those around them.

“It’s just something you just have to take day by day and just live with,” she said.

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