By Lauren Chiong, KHTK Sports 1140

The judges knew there was something special about Kriste Lewis when she auditioned for the New Orleans Saints’ cheerleading squad the Saintsations. What they didn’t realize until after three rounds of cuts during the audition process is that, unlike most of her competition, she is a 40-year-old mother of two.

According to a press release on the Saints’ website, the former high school cheerleader set a goal for herself to just “make it to the audition.” Lewis surprised herself when she not only made it to the audition but began advancing through rounds. Before she knew it, her dream was a reality.

“I can’t wait to get on that field. Just being able to put a cheerleading uniform back on and go at it for my favorite team is unbelievable to me, and I’m having a blast,” she said.

Lewis was inspired to pursue her dream after she learned that she has a devastating disease affecting her kidneys. Later in life she will require dialysis and even a kidney transplant. Her mother is already battling the serious illness.

Lewis explained: “I know my time is limited. I don’t want to let any time go. I want to make every day count.”

There is no question that she’s already doing just that.

Lewis will debut with the Saintsations at the August 15 exhibition game. The Saints will face off against the Tennessee Titans.

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