SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Few drivers expected bumper-to-bumper traffic miles for hours from a project on Interstate 80 between the Sacramento County line and Watt Avenue on Monday.

The Across the Top project added an hour to some drivers’ commutes as five lanes of traffic were reduced to three. Eastbound Interstate 80 splits off at West El Camino Avenue into two sections separated by a concrete barrier.

Anyone wanting to exit between West El Camino and Watt avenues will be stuck in the one local lane—something that took us 40 minutes to get through on a drive that normally takes less than 10 minutes.

“I went the back streets,” said driver Jessica Sackrider. “I can’t do the freeway when it’s like that.”

But that didn’t help, as there was an accident near Northgate, one of two places where drivers decide to take the express or stay local.

We even saw several drivers getting around traffic by illegally cutting through the construction zone.

“I wish they’d hurry up, because it makes coming home a lot worse than it was before,” said driver Bobby Refuerzo.

There’s no quick fix in sight, as the roadwork meant to smooth a bumpy ride is expected to last at least two years. Once they’re done with the eastbound side, work will shift to the westbound side.

When all is said and done, lanes will be added on each side of Interstate 80, but in the meantime, it’ll be a mess if you have to take that local lane.


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