WOODLAND (CBS13) — Police have tied a string of robberies that hit several Woodland businesses to one suspect.

While many robbers will use a ski mask, or strike during the night, this suspect instead relied on a hat, sunglasses and even a drink lid while demanding money the in broad daylight.

Half a dozen businesses along Main Street, including Jimboy’s Tacos, were targeted.

“I’m a little more scared to come to work now,” said employee Jasmine Madera.

She says she left her job on Saturday minutes before the man came into the restaurant and threatened a coworker.

“He even told her, ‘Don’t make a scene about it, just give me the money,’” she said. “He acted like he was going to take out a gun, but he didn’t bring out anything.”

That worker gave police a description of the suspect that detectives say matches one of a man Jack in the Box security cameras caught a day earlier.

“The description is very similar from each one and it’s the way the crime is committed,” Woodland Police Lt. Anthony Cucci said.

The suspect came in wearing a baseball hat, sunglasses, shorts, and each time rode away on a bike.

Detectives believe the first robbery happened at Razz Yogurt Shop on July 7. Since then, Sally’s Beauty Supply, a dry cleaner, a pizza place, and the two fast-food restaurants were also hit.

“We gotta use all of our resources and right now we are sending out bulletins to local business, getting the information out there,” Cucci said.

Each robbery happened between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. The brazen behavior has shoppers like Sandra Tafoya concerned.

“I think it’s very brave and I think that they need more security around here,” she said.

Cucci wouldn’t say how much money the suspect got away with, but businesses CBS13 spoke to say they keep less than a few hundred dollars in the till.

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