WOODLAND (CBS13) — City leaders in Woodland have announced their water supply has dropped to an all-time low. Its groundwater supply is depleted like never before.

Georgia Workman’s flowers are her pride and joy. But in the face of the historic drought in California, she’s cutting back and watering less, during off-peak hours.

“We put bark out here to keep the moisture in,” she said.

She and her neighbors are keeping Woodland’s water woes and historic lows from being worse.

The city’s one and only water source is lower than during the droughts in 1977 and 1992. It’s dropped to 69 feet below sea level.

Public Works Director Greg Meyer assured us the city won’t run out of water, and that they’re better off than other communities that are now trucking in water after running out.

He says the city’s focus is keeping enough water in case of a major fire.

“That’s probably our base line number we look at,” he said. “That’s the most important number we’re protecting.”

But another dry year would force the city to go to the public with more extreme measures.

In the agricultural community where farmers use the bulk of the water, people in town like Sean Thomas know every little bit helps.

“Water’s more important than a green lawn to me,” he said.

Even with a wet winter, it will take years for the water to seep down and bring the groundwater supply back to normal.

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