Sacramento Loaves & Fishes Facing Bottled Water Shortage For Homeless

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Higher temperatures are rolling in, and a local homeless shelter says its running out of water.

It has nothing to do with the drought, but everything to do with bottled water.

Temperatures were in the mid-90s on Thursday and will go even higher this weekend. Loaves and Fishes says it needs the public’s health to prevent deaths from dehydration.

Staff handed out free water on Thursday like they do every afternoon.

“We put water out at 2 p.m., and they hang around waiting for it,” said Molly Simones.

They say it’s essential for the homeless who sometimes have no shade from the blistering sun.

But the high heat means a higher demand and concerns the water will run out. There is a plea to the public to donate bottled water.

Sister Libby Fernandez says the water they provide during the day is all these people may have access to before a long night ahead.

“So they’re walking a mile, two miles to get to a safe place to be at night,” she said.

She hopes the public will donate water to help vulnerable people who are sweating it out on the streets under the hot Sacramento sun.

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