SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A gas leak caused by construction crews prompted evacuations in Oak Park Friday morning.

The scene was at Broadway and 3rd Avenue. According to Sacramento City Fire, the leak was caused after a 2-inch gas line was punctured by a construction construction worker digging for a drainage well.

Speaking to CBS13, the construction worker claims that PG&E mismarked the pavement with colored markings.

About 20 people in the immediate area were evacuated, according to Sacramento City Fire.

Officials cited not only the explosion risk, but the possible respiratory issues for prompting the evacuations.

“As soon as I got off the freeway, even though I had my windows rolled up, you could smell a distinct smell,” said Ralph Delocah, a resident of the area. “And it got stronger as soon as I got off Rroadway and Alhambra.”

A PG&E crew has been called to the scene to stop the flow of gas. A city inspector is also investigating the incident.


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