GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — A Granite Bay musician was reunited with his 100-year-old tuba that was stolen from his home.

Kreig Moore’s tuba was taken back in May, and he got it back last week after getting a phone call from the suspect’s brother.

Moore and his band usually meet at a church in Granite Bay for rehearsal, but for weeks he didn’t have the one thing that meant the most to him.

He never thought he’d hear the F of his century-old tuba again.

“If somebody was playing my horn I’d know it if they played a F on it, because I know what that F sounds like,” he said.

The tuba is rare, one of four handmade in 1902. Moore has been playing it for 40 years.

But his tune changed, he thought for good, when it was stolen from his front yard. He had lost hope until it turned up almost two months later.

“I got a phone call that said. ‘Do you want your tuba back?’ So my response was yes,” he said.

It was music to his ears. The man who called Moore says his brother took the tuba. As he was going through his things, he found it, so they met up.

“When he showed up and he had the horn, I was done,” Moore said. “I didn’t care anymore.”

He was overjoyed to have his prized possession back .

“I was just so happy to have it,” he said. “I was just happy he brought it I didn’t think I’d see it again.”

And he’ll never let it out of his sight again.


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