AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13) — Firefighters are hoping to have full containment on the Sand Fire by Friday, as some evacuation orders were lifted on Monday.

The fire began burning on July 25 and is currently 65 percent contained. It has destroyed 13 homes and 38 outbuildings and still threatens 500 more structures.

Hundreds of people were forced to spend three days waiting to find out if their home was consumed by the flames.

On Monday, only a small plume of smoke at the bottom of the canyon is all that remains of the Sand Fire.

The Clousers’ home was in the path of the flames over the weekend. The father and mother of eight had packed the car and were ready to go.

Once crews carved out a break 300 yards from their home, the couple felt confident they would be OK.

“We had Cal fire out, and we were asking them and they seemed to feel they had it under control so we felt very safe and secure,” said Gayle Clouser.

Doug Durnell lives a half-mile away on Sand Ridge Road where he decided to stick it out.

“I have too much to lose and I didn’t see it as much of threat that it would endanger my life,” he said.

With a few of his neighbors away, Durnell says he has stepped up to check on their property.

“I’ve got keys to everybody’s house, so I have been roaming around and being the focal point for people who give me a call and ask me a favor,” he said.

Neighbors can rest a bit easier on Monday, as most of the flames have been knocked down. Crews will continue to mop up and put out any smoldering areas.

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