COLUSA (CBS13) — They were supposed to deliver a mattress, but instead, police say the brothers stole from a customer’s home

The two suspects are brothers who work for a company that delivers Sleep Train mattresses to homes in the Colusa area, police say.

Monica Huey says she’s still shaken after the two men ended up leaving with one of her guns.

“He was persistent about ‘Are you sure you don’t want us to set it up?’” she said. “And I thought well my husband’s been up since 3 this morning, he’s gone to work. It’ll be one less thing.”

Andranik and Aharon Mikayelyan are contracted employees for DSI Delivery Service. Monica says the men came when she was home alone and insisted on getting her into the bedroom.

While one set up the bed, she says the other tried to distract her.

“He kept leaving the door open, and I kept having to leave the bedroom, and I just felt double-teamed,” she said.

While she was out of the room, she says one of the men stole her handgun from her nightstand.

“To have the gun turn up missing was scary, .because it’s used for home protection, and it was loaded,” she said. “Everything running through my head of ‘What could they have done?’ Thank goodness they didn’t do anything.”

Colusa Police say they tracked the brothers to a home off of Tupelo Drive in Citrus Heights. There, officers found another stolen gun out of Lincoln and two illegal assault rifles.

Investigators are now looking to see if there are even more victims.

The director of operations at DSI told CBS13 every one of their employees go through a background check and that the brothers passed when they were hired.

Huey says Sleep Train is reimbursing her for the cost of the mattress after the ordeal.


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