ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Roseville Police say thieves targeted a string of businesses along a busy road to steal a valuable part from cars.

The bulk of the thefts happened along Roseville Parkway and Eureka Road between Taylor Road and Sunrise Avenue.

Like the thefts from the California State Fair parking lot earlier this month, thieves took advantage of drivers parked at movie theaters, gyms and even a hotel parking lot to steal catalytic converters from vehicles.

The costly crime usually takes just minutes to do. The part that converts emissions into less toxic exhaust is a popular target for thieves, because the gold, platinum and other metals inside it are easily scrapped for cash.

Thousands of people are in Roseville this week for a huge softball tournament, but some of them experienced an unexpected loss that could cost them thousands to replace after their cars were hit in a hotel parking lot.

Roseville Police arrested a group on Tuesday night for harvesting catalytic converters at a hotel parking lot.

Mike Morrison says he’s repaired 60 cars at Roseville Toyota because of catalytic converter thefts this month.

He says Toyota’s Sequoias, Tacomas, and Tundras are targeted the most as their catalytic converters are large and easy to get to.

Morrison showed CBS13 how the thieves did it. In less than 30 seconds, they can have the part and be gone.

Shops are working with Roseville Police to etch license plate numbers on the converters free of charge to make the parts traceable and less desirable to thieves wanting to make a quick buck.

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