Friday afternoon on The Deuce and Jason Ross Show the guys talk about DeMarcus Cousins and Team USA. Mason Plumlee might make the team over Cousins? The guys discuss the possibility of that happening and if it were to happen why Deuce will be changing his name.

Deuce and J-Ross go over the NFL Training Camp story lines of the week and share audio from players and Roger Goodell.

Oakland A’s Ken Korach joins the show to talk about the latest trade done by Billy Beane and adding Jon Lester to the pitching rotation. Korach talks about losing Yoenis Cespedes in the trade and why fans are really going to miss him. He also talks about the A’s being hopeful that Gentry and Crisp will be healthy and will come back strong for Oakland.

USA Today’s Sam Amick joins the show to talk about DeMarcus Cousins and why Mason Plumlee could possibly make team USA over him. Amick touches on the tempo difference between the two and how Cousins is so talented offensively but team USA is already jam packed with offense from their guards.

The gang goes over their HIGHS and LOWS of the WEEK! So much happened this week, so little time.


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