ELK GROVE (CBS13) – It is an exercise of honor: a mother’s daily run, each step a reminder of her daughter’s duty.

“She is doing something for us so I commit to doing something for her,” Mary Kreymborg said.

Mary Kreymborg’s daughter Lulu has been serving in the Marine Corps overseas in Afghanistan. She’s been gone for nearly eight months. Every day, Mary has marked the time crossing the days on her calendar off until Lulu finally comes home.

And each day she runs.

“I typically run three miles,” Mary said. “I dedicate one to her and I call it my ‘Lulu Lap.’”

Mary then ties a ribbon on her tree as a way to keep Lulu’s long overseas service from seeming so distant.

“I started on the tree but I ran out of room. She’s [been] gone too long, so I came to the swing … and then [started] working my way over,” Mary said.

The two have stayed connected thanks to Facebook.

“She’s really proud of what I’m doing for her, but what she’s doing for us is really something to be proud of,” Mary said.

This week came the moment both have been waiting for. Lulu is back home in Elk Grove with her family, but reports back to 29 Palms in Southern California on Monday where she’ll be stationed.


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