Since I was rehired at KHTK last year, it has been made clear to me that one of the job requirements is to write regular “blogs.”

This is a good thing, because I like writing. I am going to make an effort to put more stuff up here for you to read, in addition to all the social media I know and love so much.

So it’s just after 7 on a Sunday, and I’m barbequing dinner. See the picture below.

Photo by Carmichael Dave

Photo by Carmichael Dave

If you must know, its pork chops, broccoli, and rice.

I’m an American dad, I BBQ on Sundays.

I put out an invite on Twitter for people to submit me questions with the hashtag #CDMail, and I will answer them live until the pork chops are done.

So without further ado:

Question #1 from @VladeFan21:

What? You don’t blog enough? Dude we know your entire life! How’d the sandwich turn out?

Ah my longtime pal VF21. Excellent, EXCELLENT question!

That’s my Twitter and Facebook. But believe it or not, a lot of people still actually read websites J

I need to do a better job at getting actual longer-form stuff on paper; 140 characters doesn’t always cut it.

By the by, VF21 was referring to a muenster and pastrami grilled sandwich I posted a pic on Twitter of earlier. I was using our new crepe maker to see if it was a multi-tasker. It was. I honestly DO put everything online.

Photo by Carmichael Dave

Photo by Carmichael Dave

Question #2 from @Kings_Sixth_Man:

Kings, check. MMA, check. MLS, check. What’s next in Sacramento?

Well, let’s slow down. Although I’ve been yelling for months that the MLS is coming, actually writing that it’s a done deal scares me. At least on a CBS sanctioned blog. That’s how it gets picked up and cameras end up at my house. I still have this pipe dream that my Twitter is just mine, talking to my buddies, so nothing counts.

There’s always the karma gods. Let’s get the MLS here first before we all go out and buy our Sacramento Raiders jerseys.

Question #3 from @grantnapearshow:

What’s blogging?

Thanks GrantNapearShow!!

Blogging is something you don’t have to worry about my good friend Napes… have to learn to use a computer first.

Question #4 from @ChrisKennis10:

Are the Kings getting Josh Smith or Rajon Rondo? Both? Or none?

Yes. I believe at some point the Kings will acquire one or both of those players. For many reasons.

Question #5 from @SkinKen99:

Where will Manchester United finish in the EPL since they are not playing any European Soccer? Realistically?

Oh Ken. Or is it Skinken? I almost like it more if it’s “Skinken,” pronounced “Skeenk-En.” You think you can bribe your way into my blog with a United question?

Well, you’re correct.

David Moyes was bad, but it wasn’t all his fault. Sir Alex focused for years on the frontline, and completely ignored midfield and defense, the reason which I will never understand. Moyes never had a shot.

Van Gaal has an ego, but the skill to match. He wouldn’t have taken the job if he wasn’t assured of some control over transfers.

Look for United to finish high enough to be in Champions League next season.

Question #6 from @SacServer:

Can I have a status report on those pork chops???

Well I’m glad you asked!! I freakin’ NAILED them.

I’ve been experimenting with a Traeger smoker, and it’s great for smoking, but lately I’ve been trying out pork chops and steaks, stuff you need to sear. I’m happy to report that although I jacked the chops I tried last week (overcooked), I NAILED them tonight. Juicy and tender!

Here’s a pic of the chops, along with some rice and broccoli as noted earlier. I TOLD you I was doing this LIVE……

Photo by Carmichael Dave

Photo by Carmichael Dave

Question #7 from @hldogg1:

No apple sauce? (with the pork chops):

No. Hell no. My mother does it, and I can’t stand it. To be honest, I always thought that was a Jewish thing. Are you Jewish? Because up until now, I’ve only seen my mom’s side of the fam do it (they’re Jewish), and it’s gross.

Question #8 from @MarcosBreton

Are you REALLY from Carmichael?

We have our first celebrity sighting!! Marcos Breton of the Sacramento Bee!! Read him at (I probably just ticked off a lawyer). And congrats on breaking the MLS news Sunday!!

Yes, I’m really from Carmichael. Born 3 months premature at American River Hospital, which no longer exists. Delivered by Dr. Jack Keating. Life-flighted to Oakland Children’s Hospital, where I stayed 4 months and owe them my life. Raised my entire life at my parents’ home just next to Ancil Hoffman Park, right off of California Ave. Attended Deterding, Mission Avenue, Churchill Jr High, Mira Loma, and finally Rio Americano.

There’s my bio.

Question #9 from @gwiss:

I read the #CDMail hashtag as “Seedy Mail.” I have no question.

Well, whatever Mr. Sactown Royalty BLOGGER.

Question #10 from @KCRATVLisaG:

You can’t fake the 95608….

We have our second celebrity sighting in our very first mailbag!! TV’s Lisa Gonzales!!

No, my fellow Carmichlean (Carmichaelean?), you cannot. Now if only everyone who went to school in Carmichael was as smokin’ as you are. (Ladies, Urijah Faber also went to Mission Ave, and he’s smokin’. Something happened with me).

FO Blvd in the HOUSE….

STATEMENT #1 from @MarcosBreton (in response to TV’s Lisa Gonzales):

Yes, but I pick up a bit of Citrus Heights in Dave.

How dare you!! I am as much Citrus Heights as you are French! (You aren’t French are you)?


Question #11 from @RealMurphDog916:

When Falk’s daughter broke the Kings sale to Hansen news, what was the first thought that crossed your mind? Who did you call?

My first thought was OH NOES YOU DI-INT……not in this town. I knew then and there it was going to be a battle, and we had the perfect wartime consigliore in Mayor Johnson.

My first phone call was to Grant Napear, whom I spoke to about three times a day for the next year plus, at all hours. I’m still amazed our wives didn’t shoot us. Maybe they did, and I’m blogging in heaven.


Here’s a pic of my kids being excited for sundaes:

 photo 3 (2)

Question #12 from @IBonsaiGuy:

Where do they put the MLS soccer stadium?

Lots of people blog, write, whatever. Apparently I do now as well.

I would put the stadium site ideas in order of likelihood:

  1. The railyards: 60%
  2. Some other downtown location: 30%
  3. Sleep Train (when new arena hits) 5%
  4. Other: 5%

Question #13 from @Avanzino78:

Are there any talks as to how the new stadium will be funded?

Yes, and there have been for a while. I know that my good friend Kevin Nagle, one of the original locals who banded together to save the Kings, has been on this for a while. He was obsessed with getting it financed privately 100%.

Now that the Kings are invested in the process, I’d be surprised if they weren’t going for the same goal. With the new basketball arena JUST starting to get built, I think another public money-ask would be a little rough. My bet is they’ll all get it done in a way that works for everyone.

Question #14 from @Kyle_Ramos:

You get to pick one person/moment in Kings history to make into a statue outside the new arena. Who/what do you pick?

GREAT question. I would have a statue of KJ KJ’ing (his famous pose, phone to ear and hand stretched to the sky), and above him, a statue of Gregg Lukenbill in the rafters plugging a rainy leak. Iconic men, iconic moments. Both symbols of Sacramento, doing what it takes when it matters.

Ok. All done.

I have to go tuck my kids into bed, dinner is over. I even put in some post dinner work.

Ok, I’m tired and I want my damn sundae.


If I didn’t get to your question, there will be another chance next mailbag.

Hopefully the next mailbag will be next week, if not, feel free to yell at me for being lazy.

If you want to get a jump on the next one, tweet me @carmichaeldave, #CDMail.

And here’s my sundae. It kind of melted.

Photo by Carmichael Dave

Photo by Carmichael Dave


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