I shouldn’t have to say this but there’s no doubt A’s fans are beyond loyal, especially those fans in right field who attend every single home game.

The right field fans have great signs, they’re beating drums, they provide a ton of energy but what they did last night was a bad look.

The A’s and Rays are tied at two in the 10th inning when former A’s closer Grant Balfour entered the game. For some bizarre reason, the A’s right field fans started doing the “Balfour Rage” like they did when he sported the green and gold for three seasons.

You’re in a tight race with the Angels in the AL West, the game is tied and they’re “raging” for Balfour when he wants to come in his beat your team. He wants to strikeout your guys. He wants revenge.

You want to honor him? I’m fine with that. Play a video tribute at some point, give him a standing ovation before the first pitch but in a tight ball game you don’t need to be “raging” for Balfour when he takes the field.

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