10 p.m. update:  A 6-month-old baby was killed and his mother was stabbed by a family member who was shot to death by police at a Folsom home on Thursday.

“We came outside and saw all the commotion, them trying to resuscitate the guy,” said neighbor Joshua Smith.

It all started around 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon with a call to 911. A man in his 20s, holding a knife threatening and struggling with officers. One officer fired a single round at the suspect, killing him.

It wasn’t until later that police would make a disturbing discovery—the suspect stabbed his own aunt and her 6-month-old son.

“That’s more shocking than the whole thing, that a baby was involved,” Smith said. “That’s just horrible.

Both victims were rushed to nearby hospitals where the baby died.

Witnesses say they had been arguing earlier that day, chasing each other around. In the end, two lives would be lost and two families would be shattered on one tragic afternoon.

8 p.m. update: A 6-month-old baby stabbed by a suspect on Thursday has died. The mother of the child, who is the aunt of the suspect, is in critical condition.

5 p.m. update: The suspect who was shot by police has died from his injuries.


FOLSOM (CBS13) – A baby and a woman were found stabbed at a Folsom home, and officers shot a knife-wielding man, according to Folsom Police on  Thursday.

Police say that they showed up to the scene along Montrose Drive at around 2:30 p.m. and were confronted by a man with a knife. The man was then shot by officers.

Officers then found that a toddler and a woman were stabbed. All three – the man, woman and baby – were taken to the hospital.

One woman was seen covered in blood and was taken to the police department for questioning as a witness.

No evacuations were called for in the neighborhood.

“We’re pooling all of our resources into finding out what happened,” said Folsom Police officer Andrew Bates “We’ll piece it back together as we continue with the investigation.”

A neighbor who lives down the street recounted the hectic scene. He says was inside his home when he heard two gunshots and a woman scream.

“I ran over here behind that red van, and I saw a lady up on top of the grass hill, and then there’s another guy laying on the ground, his face is all bloody, his hands are all bloody,” he said.

Another neighbor who did not want to go on camera said he’s never seen anything like this before in the generally quiet and safe neighborhood.

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