ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Police are investigating a rash of business burglaries in Roseville where six have been targeted in just the last week.

The burglaries along Sierra College and Douglas boulevards have business owners like Diane Holland on guard.

She’s gotten into the habit of double-checking her business doors and making sure they are locked up.

“We all got notices the other day regarding the burglaries,” the Barre Flies owner said. “I mean if they take a computer I’m down for a day at least. I’m forced to spend money I wouldn’t want or need to spend.”

Investigators are looking into six burglaries that have happened in four days. They say criminals are usually looking for fast money and go straight for the cash register.

All of the break-ins happened overnight. In most cases, the thieves smashed the front windows of businesses to get in. That’s what happened to Hair Emporium earlier this year.

“Our whole entire door, all of the glass and windows were completely shattered,” said Julia Masscoro.

The crooks didn’t take anything, but she she’s still startled by the attempted burglary.

“It’s discouraging and disappointing that it’s happening in this type of community,” she said.

Investigators say it is possible the same person or people are responsible for all six of the recent break-ins. So business owners like Holland are on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Police say many of the businesses that were broken into did not have alarms or surveillance cameras, so there is no description available of anyone responsible.


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