TRACY (CBS13) — Police believe the man shot to death in Tracy’s first murder in two years did not know his killer.

Rebekka Austin says she woke up to gunshots on Sunday, then came outside to see Darrell Esguerra’s family frantically trying to save him.

“I will never forget the howling sound in my brain,” she said. “It was screaming, crying; people were just trying to give him CPR trying to save his life he was shot right in the head.”

The 25-year-old’s mother, Rose Avilar is demanding justice in his death, which is the city’s first murder since September 2012.

“Darrell is a great kid; everybody loves him, his friends his family, everyone loves him,” she said. “He was great to everybody. He doesn’t deserve this. We want justice for Darell.”

Esguerra’s family told police they were celebrating two birthdays, one for a 5-year-old little girl, when just after 1 a.m., six to eight strangers showed up.

“At this time we don’t believe the victim knew any of the suspects at all,” said Tracy Police Det. Ricardo Hernandez. “We understand that there were some people that came to the party that were uninvited, and they tried to come in.”

Police say the suspects got upset when the family told them to leave, and then tried to rob the family. One or two of the suspects took out a gun and started firing, hitting Darrell, leaving the 25-year-old dying in front of his family in his neighbor’s driveway.

“Twenty-five, no trouble young man,” Austin said. “I just understand he just got a job he was supposed to start today.”

“It’s heartbreaking for everybody because he was such, from what we’re hearing, he was a very nice guy,” Hernandez said.

Police say they’re looking into whether someone who knew the family invited the suspects to the party.


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