SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Before his career on the political stage, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano was a regular on San Francisco comedy club stages, where he worked some of the same crowds as Robin Williams.

“I was at comedy day in the park, and it was the in ’80s,” he said, “and to have an openly gay comic, was high-drama.”

Ammiano recalls the day he was harassed by the audience, and Williams was kind to him backstage.

“Then I tried to make him laugh,” he said. “I told him a corny joke, he laughed. It probably wasn’t that funny.”

Ammiano says years later, Williams even did an impression of him, mimicking the now-Assemblyman’s unmistakable voice.

“I was quite honored, and a little taken aback when I found out he imitated me; then when I asked him to do it, I could see why people thought it was really funny,” he said.

When Ammiano became a politician, Williams once again visited him at San Francisco City Hall where Ammiano was a supervisor. Williams’ movie crew was trying to use the historic building for a scene.

“He came into my office and my assistant said, “Hello Mr. Williams,” and I said, “What Williams,” so he put his head around the corner he says, “Can I have your room?” so we let them use the room and they didn’t do any damage,” Ammiano said.

Next month, the Assemblyman will take the comedy stage again at San Francisco’s Comedy Day In The Park where Williams often performed.

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