On Sunday I watched one of the better sporting events in recent memory. The PGA Championship was everything a sports fan should want in an event. It was compelling, it had drama, great story lines and didn’t leave us in the dark with an empty conclusion. When the best at their sport raise the bar and bring out the best in the competition, we win as fans. The shot making on Sunday was supreme. With all that said, there can only be one winner. That winner was Rory. Just like the tournament, Rory’s year has been fantastic. He has won 2 majors in a row, 3 tournaments in a row and will definitely be named PGA player of the year. In our present day society we already want more from Rory. Is he the next Tiger? Can he catch Jack? How good can he be?

Much like my tee shots, Rory’s career can go 100 different ways. He’s young and has reached some amazing heights already. That can’t be ignored, but it doesn’t guarantee his future. The future looks incredibly bright but could this be his last major? Will he burn out? Will he win 20 majors? Will he try another sport? Sounds ridiculous, but who would have guessed Michael Jordan would have grabbed a bat and missed more times then he connected? Will he be close and have 19 second place finishes like Jack or 9 like Phil? The point is, can we just enjoy what Rory is doing right now?  He is the best golfer currently but that can change. Rickie Fowler had an incredible year yet didn’t win a major. Maybe Rory does that for the next couple of years. There are other good young golfers, Jason Day, Jordan Speith, Keegan Bradley, Rickie Fowler and many more. What if they elevate their game and start a run of their own? Does Tiger have more magic in him? Too many questions, too much uncertainty to make any profound statements.

As a fan of golf, I hope Rory stays at this level. I want Tiger to return to his form, Phil to stay wildly entertaining and for the young guns to make golf a better game. Now if that means a golf bag full of more majors for Rory than so be it. If Rory doesn’t do it, it doesn’t mean he failed. We set this bar so early on him. Let’s appreciate him for what he is. A young talented golfer that is very likeable, marketable and fun to watch. If we get more majors in the years to come like this past Sunday, golf will thrive with or without Rory, Tiger, Phil and others. Let’s just hope they are all a part of the mix. Wouldn’t that be fun?



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