TRACY (CBS13) — A brand-new high school hasn’t even opened yet, but it already needs expensive repairs for its sidewalks.

The sidewalks at Mountain House High School aren’t up to code, meaning they will have to be torn up and redone just days before the start of the school’s first year.

To the naked eye, it looks like it’s fine. But with a level, you can see it’s a few degrees off and not up to Americans With Disabilities Act standards.

Lammersville Unified School District Superintendent Kirk Nicholas says the soil beneath the Tracy school has shifted, causing the six-week-old concrete to move.

The district says if it’s proven that the construction company made a mistake, it should pay for the $140,000 fix.

“We want to make sure everyone did what they were supposed to do, the way they were supposed to do it,” he said.

Parents are frustrated the money intended for students is going elsewhere.

“It’s really unfortunate they have to spend that money when they could’ve done it right the first time, and what a huge bummer,” said Kayla Cory.

The school can’t completely open if the sidewalks aren’t ADA compliant, but the superintendent promises the work will get done on time, scheduled for completion on Friday.

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