VACAVILLE (CBS13) — California’s drought is creating the real threat that trees could lose their limbs and come crashing down.

If you’ve stopped watering your lawn, you may be killing your trees. While lawns are easy to replace, trees take years to go.

Vacaville resident Duryea Miller isn’t worried about his dying grass, it’s the trees he wants to save.

“They’re all over, this corner, the next corner all the way down each street I mean they’re all dying, you can see it,” he said. “I’m giving them as much as I can without getting fined or anything.”

Residents in cities such as Vacaville, Woodland and Davis are doing what the governor asked by cutting water use by 20 percent. Those who have stopped watering their lawns often forget about their trees.

“My biggest fear is there’s gonna be a lot of trees cut down that didn’t need to be cut down and that’s simply because they weren’t watered,” Miller said.

Some are now showing early critical signs, losing their leaves or getting diseases—both are indications a tree is dying of thirst. Dried out trees are also in danger of crashing down.

Arborist Curtis Fossno recommends giving roots a healthy drink with a soak.

“The most efficient to do that is using a soaker hose and letting it soak overnight,” he said.

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