Are you ready for some football? That means many things to me, but one of the things I look forward to most is Fantasy Football. I have played Fantasy Football for over 20 years and every year I think it will be “my year.” In the world of Fantasy Football I am like the Arizona Cardinals. Never the worst, rarely the best, but every once a while I sneak out a good season.  With all that said, as an experienced player, I do have some legitimate tips for you.  Do you want to finish in 6th out of 12 teams?  I am your guy.


First tip, you agreed to play so play. Don’t be the player that is so excited for the draft and then almost every week forgets to set your lineup. Don’t be that guy. If you set your lineup, follow the bye weeks, and at least care just a little, you won’t finish in last.


Know your leagues scoring system. If you have some “gimmicks” in your league, be aware of them. Find out ways to “work the system”. If you get more points for quarterbacks then you better get a good QB.  If bonus points are awarded for receptions then look at running backs that catch the ball out of the backfield too.  The point is to learn your league.


Another tip is to pay attention to the waiver wire. I guarantee that after your draft is over there will still be players that will have a fantasy impact. Be quick to react to that. Last year in most leagues, Julius Thomas, Keenan Allen and Nick Foles weren’t drafted. Now they are ranked high going into this season. So gems can be found.


In the end, play, pay attention, and have some fun. I try every year and think that this year will somehow be different. It probably won’t. Just call me the Arizona Cardinals and I will enjoy my 6th place finish yet again. Unless this is “the Cardinals year”.




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