DIXON (CBS13) — Residents upset at the Dixon City Council’s decision to leave their suggestions regarding a sewer rate hike off the November ballot are seeing red.

To show their frustration, they’ve put up red ribbons across town in protest of the council’s decision to deny residents the chance to vote on doubling the city’s sewer rates.

The planned increase would pay for a new sewer treatment plant in town. Residents say they got 15 percent of registered voters to sign a petition, but in the end, the council voted 3-2 to keep it off the ballot.

Donna Armstrong is among those organizing a protest.

“The fact that 15 percent of the people were concerned about this didn’t seem to make an impression,” she said.

She’s even put some new lyrics on an old song.

“The Dixon City council tells us don’t complain, it’s all in vain, pipe down and pay the fee; tie a big red ribbon on your property, tell the city council to end the tyranny,” she said.

“We attached [the petition] by paper clips and a clipboard, and they did not accept it because it wasn’t stapled,” said Armstrong.

No one from the city was available to speak with CBS13 on Thursday, but back in June, we city attorney Doug White said the petition was tossed because items like the rates being changed weren’t included.

Armstrong and neighbors like her are hoping the red ribbons send a message that they don’t want to be cut out of the decision-making process and that the city should reconsider and look at other bids.


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