Bovada has released the odds for the upcoming season NFL seasons so I have some odds you should throw some money on. Listen, you’re likely not going to win so why not go for it all and throw some money on players who can deliver monster payouts?

Who will lead the League in Passing Yards in the 2014 Regular Season?

You want to make good moneY, right? Take the risk! Sure, you can go with Brees, Manning or Rodgers but what’s the fun in that?

The Ones You Should Jump On:

Colin Kaepernick-49ers-(150/1 odds)-I get it, the 49ers were near the bottom in the NFL in passing offense in 2013 but there’s no way that Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel should have the same odds to lead the NFL in passing yards.

The 49ers offense will have a quicker pace in 2014 because offensive coordinator Greg Roman has streamlined the offense.

“We’ve simplified some things. Made it easier for us to get in and out of plays. And I think that’s helped us a lot so far,” Kaepernick told

Kaepernick also has more weapons with the additions of Stevie Johnson and Brandon Lloyd. Don’t forget Michael Crabtree is in a contract year and Vernon Davis is looking for a payday. You can expect the 49ers to pass more with all those weapons and because RB Frank Gore is 31 years old and he’s carried the ball a ton.

Andy Dalton-Bengals-(100/1 odds)-I know people love to rip Dalton for his lack of postseason success but I’m convinced he’s going to have a monster year with his new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, who recently said Dalton has looked “sensational.”

Dalton also has the benefit of great weapons in AJ Green and Marvin Jones once he returns from a broken foot.

Get on the ginger train!

Who will lead the League in Rushing Yards in the 2014 Regular Season?
This is always a hard category because realistically it will be Peterson or McCoy but there’s one dark horse that would have a big payout.

Browns RB Ben Tate has 66/1 odds to lead the NFL in rushing. The Browns have a solid offensive line and I don’t think they’re going to rely on the passing game with Hoyer or Manziel behind center.

Tate is 25 years old and doesn’t have a lot of mileage with 421 rushing attempts in his career and an average of 4.7 yards per carry. Why not throw 20 bucks on Tate?

Who will be the 1st coach fired?
Jason Garrett                            2/1
Dennis Allen                              4/1
Joe Philbin                                7/1
Doug Marrone                           8/1
Rex Ryan                                  10/1

This is always a depressing list but I’d take the 7/1 odds on Joe Philbin. Midseason firing don’t happen a lot during the NFL season but I’m going with the guy was doing bed checks during training camp at the team hotel.

We’re talking about an NFL head coach knocking on the doors of professional athletes to make sure  lights are out. Isn’t that something that’s done at high school football camps?

“I’ve been doing the bed check every single night at the hotel and just knocking on their doors and making sure that they’re OK, busting their chops a little bit if they’re awake,” Philbin told the Sun Sentinel in July.

“It was just weird. ‘OK, well, good night, coach,’” Dolphins cornerback Will Davis said to the Sun Sentinel.

That’s more than weird!

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