Shoe Company’s Sign Deemed Too Large For Ceres City Policy

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CERES (CBS13) — Go small or go home. A Los Angeles-based shoe company wants to open a store in Ceres, but it’s ready to walk away.

The Warehouse Shoe Sales said it needs a sign twice as big as what is allowed, because it doesn’t think potential customers will be able to see it from where it sits from East Hatch Road.

Ceres has a strict sign policy. Store front signs can only be one square foot for every square foot surface space.

“The standard is created so an aesthetic for the community,” said Ceres city manager Toby Wells. “To try and set a standard that is consistently applied so that everyone follows the same set of rules.”

The planning committee told WSS it wouldn’t allow the larger sign.

“Hold the standards, be as aesthetically pleasing as we can to future business and to our community so, we don’t see a lot of clutter,” said Wells.

WSS appealed to the Ceres City Council. Now the council must decide between a new business moving in and potentially 25 jobs, or keeping its sign standards. Wells said he’s against making WSS an exception to the rule.

“Maybe the person who doesn’t come here, wasn’t a good fit from the beginning and we get somebody better in the long run,” said Wells.

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