Last night Bob Costas threw out the 1st pitch in St. Louis. His first attempt was so bad, that he demanded a 2nd throw. Here you go…

But Bob didn’t even have the worst first pitch of the week…that comes courtesy of Miss Texas.

And we can’t forget how pathetic 50 Cents attempt was earlier this season, right? Well just in case you did forget, here it is.

So it got me thinking, who has the all time worst 1st pitch ever? In my “research” I found this compilation video of the 10 worst 1st pitches ever. Enjoy!

So those are all bad, but none of those are the worst. The worst first pitch ever award goes to the 1 and only Carly Rae Jepsen. Call Me Maybe…..after you learn how to throw a ball! Ok, I’m done…just watch.


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