By: Morgan Ragan

Houston Rockets guard James Harden is a good basketball player.

He doesn’t play a lick of defense and relies on his athletic abilities for that end of the floor. Offensively, he is one of the best scorers in the league but he’s definitely not the “best basketball player in the world.”

When Harden was asked by an ESPN reporter, “In your mind who is the best basketball player alive?”

Harden replied with, “Myself.”

Here are three reasons why some athletes feel the need to express they are the best player in the world.

1. They lack confidence

“Never get too high, never get too low,” one of the greatest coaches of all time once said.

This quote is a small example why John Wooden had a very successful coaching career, he was one of the best but never needed to express that to the media or opposing teams. He let his coaching do the talking.

Needing to express you are the best player in the world to the public shows you’re lacking confidence in your overall skills set.

2. They use words as a Defense Mechanism.

Some athletes will laugh or brush it off when they hear the competition talking smack or using their words as part of their game.

Smack talking and using confident statements toward the mentally weak athletes can actually benefit the trash talking, cocky players. As soon as the weak allow the talking get to their heads the smack talking has done exactly what it was supposed to do.

3. Because they really aren’t the best player in their sport

If you’re that good at anything, there’s no need to say it out loud. If you really are that good at anything it doesn’t go unnoticed by others and shines through on the playing field and through ones words.

Sports are 90 percent a mental game and some athletes that lack athleticism and skill make it up with words.

Opinions are opinions but numbers and film never lie.


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