NAPA (CBS13) – In downtown Napa there is damage large and small – from shattered antiques to piles of bricks that came crashing down.

“I’m a little shocked that it fell off like that. I’m just happy nobody got hurt,” said building owner Mike Desimoni, Jr.

In one business, they’re examining each and every delicate cigar after the early morning quake shook boxes loose from the display cases.

Inspectors deemed dozens of buildings unsafe – including the post office, which had rows of broken windows, and the now-crumbling historic Napa county courthouse.

Meanwhile, rows of businesses are boarded up.

“We’re making the best of it,” said business owner Craig Erridge.

Inside this salon is a huge mess. There’s damage in just about every room. Merchandise was knocked off the shelves.

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And as you head farther back, there’s water damage. Part of the ceiling caved in and many of the floorboards will have to be torn out.

An olive oil store lost 500 bottles that flew off the shelves, broke and leaked outside.

“And then there’s so much olive oil it started to pool and go out the front, and you can see why we’ve got the cat litter out here,” said Dewey Lucero, owner of the olive oil store.

At least they’re hoping to open for business tomorrow. For others, picking up the pieces after the strongest Napa quake in 25 years may take weeks.


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