NAPA (CBS13) — Covered in cuts and moving gingerly with broken ribs, Daniel Bennett still feels the Napa earthquake with every step and every breath.

“It smashed here luckily I had the thing closed,” he said, pointing to his eye. “When I cough sneeze laugh, hurts like crazy.”

The Napa homeowner and retired firefighter was standing in his living room when the magnitude-6.0 earthquake hit early Sunday morning, hurling him against furniture.

“It just picked me up and threw me like a rag doll,” he said. “The force of it was really really bad. It’d rock one way and rock the other way.”

So far, his home is not among the growing number of buildings red-tagged by inspectors as the scope of the damage comes into sharper focus. That number doubled to 70 buildings now deemed unsafe.

A yellow tag inside the window of Barbara Wiggins’ shop, the Mustard Seed Clothing Company, means she won’t be making sales any time soon.

“The problem is, the downtime that we have, it can end up to be way more costly than the repair itself,” she said. “Every day we are closed we lose revenue and every day we lose revenue we’re closer to closing.”

Chunks of the ceiling are missing at the shop and windows were shattered.

Several small businesses, like Lucero Olive Oil, continued to clean up.

Assistant manager Bob Clark says the store lost 500 bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

“We estimate we’ve lost between 80 to 90 percent of all of our product we’ve had on the shelves,” he said.

But the store lucked out. With no damage to the building, it’s able to open for business.

Elsewhere, city crews are busy repairing some 90 water main breaks as water bubbles into streets.

Bennett says he’s ready to head home after an earthquake he says left him feeling like he’d been run over by a freight train.

“It’ll be weeks before I get it cleaned up,” he said. “Structurally so far everything seems to be all right.”


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