NAPA (CBS13) — The tasting room at Artesa Winery was unseasonably quiet on Monday, a day after a magnitude-6.0 earthquake struck near Napa.

The temblor shook the region early Sunday damaging dozens of homes to the point they can’t be entered. At least 20 engineers were in the area on Monday assessing the damage.

While tours were canceled following the quake, winery managers at Artesa say they were surprised how little damage they suffered compared to other wineries.

There are some cracks in ceilings and walls, while photos taken on Sunday show broken bottles of wine, oils and other glass items shattered in the gift shop.

In the cellar, workers clean up what’s left of the broken barrels and check for leaks.

“We kept everyone out of here until this morning and jumped right on it and have gotten all the wine cleaned up,” said Mark Berringer. “I’ve seen some cellars that lost tremendous amounts, but we have lost just three barrels.”


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