ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The city of Roseville could start charging $225 for certain 911 calls in a move some say just isn’t fair.

Steve Weinroth runs Sierra Pointe, an assisted-living complex that is one the City Council is looking at charging for 911 calls that don’t end up being medical emergencies.

Roseville Fire Chief Marc Reed says recently, they’ve responded to 300 nonemergency calls from licensed care facilities a year, tying up resources.

“If that was your mom your dad your son or your daughter and the closest resource was not there because it was out on one of those kinds of calls, I think that’s not a good utilization of resources,” he said.

He believes that $225 fee would make people think twice.

But Weinroth says while the facility may get the bill, it will somehow get passed down to the clients.

“From a taxpayer point of view, isn’t that what part of our tax dollars are going for?” he said. “I’m feeling tax dollars are already paying for that. We shouldn’t be charged again.”

Reed says the fee would help recoup the money spent on the calls, bringing in about $71,000 a year.

He plans to hold town hall meetings next month to hear what licensed care facility workers think before the City Council votes on the ordinance.

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