Fall is ridiculously awesome (credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Fall is ridiculously awesome
(credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)


There are four seasons in the year.

Summer is great if you’re an outdoorsy person, love to swim, and enjoy the tiny amount of clothes people wear.

But ever since I got out of school, summer isn’t as fun. Its hot, sweaty, you can only take off so many clothes, and every time you get in your car it’s like stepping into a pumped-up oven. Plus, the only thing going on is baseball. Lame.

Winter is a little better. The NFL, NBA, and NHL are all in full swing, there’s even EPL soccer to help fill the time. There’s the national championship game in College Football.  The holidays happen, which means a ton of sweet food and presents. But it’s cold and cold and it’s also cold.

Spring. Now we’re talking. Great weather, baseball starts, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs. Oh, and the best two sports days of the year, the opening Thursday and Friday of March Madness.  Really don’t need to go into much more detail.

But summer is around the corner, and all sports have either ended or are ending. You know the heat is coming. And if you’re an allergy person, you’re constantly sneezing and sounding like you’re close to spontaneously combusting.

Fall is the undisputed grand champion of seasons. It’s actually not even close. For your consideration:

1. NFL starts

2. College Football starts

3. NBA starts

4. Baseball playoffs

5. EPL starts


For a glorious few days, every major sport is happening at the same time. Every one. How can it get better?


Everything is happening in the Fall Photo by: Getty Images

Everything is happening in the Fall
Photo by: Getty Images

Not only that, but the heat is leaving, you can break out all your cool turtlenecks and pullovers and the like, but its not super cold. That biting chill at night is as bad as it gets.

I’ve had this discussion with many before, but to me its just not even a contest.

Congratulations Fall.

You’re the champion.

I’d love to hear any well thought out disagreements, so I expect I’ll hear nothing- its not possible to argue this. Tweet me @carmichaeldave



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