By James Taylor

DAVIS (CBS13) – City officials say the city’s emergency water-saving measures have left 64 Davis trees either dead or dying during the drought.

“People are turning the water off to the lawns which do take a lot of water, but they are forgetting to water their trees” says Davis’ Urban Forest Manager Rob Cain. “We get these hot days, there’s just no soil moisture for the trees and the soil is drying out, and the trees are suffering as a result.”

Davis is now going to spend $30,000 to chop them down before the dead limbs and trunks cause any damage.

The intersection of Covell and Anderson is the hardest hit, with 17 Aristocrat Pear trees scheduled to be removed. Cain says city workers turned off the irrigation to install new water-saving pipes, and then never turned the water back on again.

Several other Ash, Plane, Walnut, Hackberry, and other species around town will also be cut down.

They will be replaced with more drought-tolerant trees.


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