NAPA (CBS13) — Two days after an earthquake rocked Napa, the city is facing one of its biggest cleanups ever, and is dealing with water supply issues.

As of Tuesday night, there were 107 water line breaks and 10 sinkholes across the city, leaving 400 customers without water, possibly for the rest of the week.

On a third-straight day with no water, Lynn McCarroll and his neighbors found a way to stay refreshed that’s fitting for the region—a glass of wine.

The sinkhole opened on the street after a water main break caused by Sunday’s magnitude-6.0 earthquake.

“They’re working the best they can so we’ll have a little wine and just be patient,” he said.

Hundreds have no choice but to be patient. While the number is down from 640, 400 customers are still without water. There’s also the possibility of more sinkholes opening before the water line breaks are fixed.

And that’s in addition to the damage the city and neighbors are dealing with. The earthquake split a street in Gina Brady’s neighborhood and wrecked her kitchen.

City crews expect to have 40 work sites going on Wednesday to get the water situation under control before more sinkholes open.


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