SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento college may shut down for good by the end of the week, and students say they only heard the news when they got to campus on Wednesday.

Sherrell Bondurant is just three weeks away from graduation, and three weeks away from landing a job she’s worked hard for.

“It’s wrong; it’s not fair and they should’ve let us know upfront,” she said. “Where are we going to go? I have three weeks left. I’ve been here through homelessness; I had a baby; I mean I’ve struggled I fought for this you know what I mean.”

On Wednesday, Anthem College faculty met with students to tell them the college was having money problems.

The letter given to students explains the school filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but was working on getting the high-tech institute bough tout. Now, the school is waiting for the Department of Education to give the stamp of approval.

If not, it will be forced to shut down for good on Friday.

More than a couple of hundred students enrolled in the school on Lincoln Village Drive a couple of years ago. Anthem focused on healthcare programs.

Benjamin Davis dreamed of going into medical billing and coding.

“I was just on the phone bragging to my mom right before I walk in the doors and got the news,” he said.

Faculty will be holding meetings on Thursday and Friday where they will learn more about what will happen.


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