NAPA (CBS13) — Less than a week after a magnitude-6.0 earthquake rocked the city, Napa is trying to get ready for Labor Day weekend.

The damage estimate from Sunday’s temblor is at $300 million and expected to rise as more than 800 homes and business have to be inspected.

Crews are working to repair 30 water line breaks in the city, as police patrol Downtown Napa around the clock to protect boarded-up businesses.

Yusuf Topal just opened his downtown restaurant on Thursday after he spent most of the week cleaning up the mess.

“I lost all of the inventory: the wine, spoilage of food, and of course, china glasses,” he said.

He’s out at least $50,000, and he doesn’t have earthquake insurance.

Labor Day weekend is usually a big draw for him, with 100 to 200 reservations set. But that’s not the case this year.

“When I look at reservations for next few days, it see 20 and 30 people. So we lost 75 percent of our customers,” he said.

The hotel next to him is a big business draw, but it will likely be closed until mid-October.

But more than 90 percent of the businesses in downtown will be open this weekend, attracting people like Mary Anne Kelly, who is visiting from Chicago.

“We had plans to come out here a month ago. We decided we weren’t going to let the earthquake stop us,” she said. “I don’t think we had a sense of how much damage there was to buildings.”

She and her friends toured the wineries, but also made a special point to come downtown to spend their money where they think it’s needed.

“We want to come down here and support the merchants, because they really must be hurting,” she said.


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