CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) – Call it intuition. Preston Murray, a home owner who lives along Van Maren Lane, was working out at the gym when he said he just wasn’t feeling it.

Murray packed up, went home, and within minutes of being at home he heard a loud bang.

“I came in and opened this door and there was the front of a U-Haul truck,” Murray said

The truck stopped mere feet from a crib where 4-month-old Charlotte was soundly sleeping.

“We heard her crying so we knew she was alive, but we just wanted to get her out of the room,” Murray said.

Intuition kicked in again: Murray and his wife doing whatever they could to protect their child.

“As we were pulling her out, the engine was still revving so we didn’t know if he trying to come in more, was he backing up,” Murray said. “It just was confusing. Our first priority was making sure our kids were safe.”

In the next room was their 3-year-old son.

“He was scared, he was confused, but he’s a brave little boy,” Murray said.

Fortunately, no one was hurt – despite the giant hole in front of the home.

And what a rebuild this is going to be. They are going to have to replace some of the wall, the window, as well as the front door, which is now tilted.

Police are still searching for the driver of the U-Haul. Witnesses say they saw a man riding away from the scene on a bicycle.


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