Police Increase Downtown Sacramento Patrols Following Stabbings

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Two separate stabbings occurred on separate Mondays, with the victims walking along the same busy downtown Sacramento street. Police say they only have a sketch to go on.

Both of the victims are Asian, and investigators say it’s possible race played a factor.

The first attack happened on Monday, August 18 near 10th and U streets. The second happened last Monday at 10th and T streets. Was there a connection, or was it mere coincidence?

Whether or not it was a coincidence, there’s a suspect on the loose, prompting police to increase patrols.

“Two assaults two Mondays in a row,” said Ofc. Doug Morse, a spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Dept.

It could be coincidence, but they are similarities Sacramento police can’t ignore. Two Asian men — a 61-year-old and a 75-year-old — were stabbed in the neck on consecutive Mondays while walking near Sacramento’s Southside Park.

“…we think race may be a factor. The age, the two Mondays in a row, there’s just too many coincidences that we see in this case,” said Morse.

Cops are putting out a composite sketch of the suspect and made robocalls to 30,000 people in the neighborhood. In a rare move, they also translated the press release to Chinese, sending it out to key members of Sacramento’s Asian community.

Friends grilling in Southside Park told us the attacks have them feeling nervous.

“You don’t want to think your own neighbor could assault you just as you’re walking down the street,” said Charles Chantaca, who’s worried about the attacks.

Police say the stabbings appear unprovoked. In the first case, the suspect and victim were walking in opposite directions. In the other, the suspect snuck up behind his victim.

Robbery doesn’t look like the motive either, leaving police and neighbors to wonder: what is the motive?

“It could be a coincidence that they’re both Asian victims, especially over here; there’s a lot of Asian communities,” said Tony Dang, who’s also worried about the attacks. “I’ll definitely be looking behind my shoulder. But I always look behind my shoulder.”

The first victim was treated at the hospital and released. The second victim required a longer hospital stay and is also expected to recover.


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