LINCOLN (CBS13) — After being nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, employees at Angeion Consulting decided that instead of dumping water on their heads, they’d donate to help a town running dangerously low on water.

In Porterville—a small town of about 73,000 people—at least 300 homes have been without water for weeks.

“If you type in wells dried up in California, that’s the first place you’re going to see. It is hitting them hard,” said Megan Svetz.

So the women who live more than 250 miles away in Lincoln decided they would help families struggling to even wash their own clothes.

The California drought has dried up the wells in East Porterville, and the only way to get water back into their home is costly—digging hundreds of feet just to get to the water table.

Now, the women of Angeion Consulting are trying to raise $15,000 to help families who can’t afford to help themselves.

“We’re just asking people to do their best, even $1 counts,” said Kelley Hughes.

You can submit donations here.

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