Jury Hears Gruesome Details Of 15-Year-Old’s Alleged Slaying Of Elderly Davis Couple

DAVIS (CBS13) — A jury learned the gruesome details of the deadly murder of an elderly Davis couple, allegedly at the hands of a 15-year-old who says he found joy in killing them.

With his eyes closed and his head bowed, Daniel Marsh sat quietly next to his attorney as prosecutors described him as a teen who hunted his victims and felt pure happiness when he killed.

Marsh was just 15 when he allegedly went to 40 to 50 homes searching for unlocked windows and doors before killing Claudia Maupin and her husband Chip Northup.

Jurors listened to his chilling confession in court where he told investigators he found an open window at the couple’s home and watched them as they slept.

Marsh then tells police Claudia woke up, and that’s when he stabbed the couple about 60 times, then mutilated both. The rest of the crime is too gruesome to report.

At the time, Marsh told investigators “It felt right,” “It felt amazing,” and “It felt great.”

Before his confession to police, he allegedly confessed to his girlfriend and best friend who then turned him in to police.

His attorney didn’t deny his young client murdered the couple. Instead, he blamed the teen’s actions on his parents’ divorce and antidepressants.

Marsh also told investigators last year that Claudia’s cries for help motivated him to attack her more. He allegedly killed them because of overpopulation.

Marsh told police that he knew what he was doing was wrong, but did it anyway.

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