I’m a big Madden fan and I’ve always appreciated what the creators have done with the game.  But, I’m a bigger fan of comedy and nothing is more funny than this recent glitch discovered in Madden 15!

You see, Cleveland Browns LB Christian Kirksey is on the Tennessee Titans in Madden 15.  No, that’s not the glitch.  The glitch is that he’s only 14 inches tall!

In the video below, watch Christian with his “never give up attitude” take on these giant men to the best of his abilities.  At 1 point after almost making a play, he jumps about 5 feet to high 5 his teammate.  Oh, and ignore that the Niners have Drew Brees, Marshawn Lynch and Maurice Jones-Drew, that’s not a glitch…that’s just stupid.


Now there’s a few more glitches that the game has had, but this by far is the best.  If you’re a fan of video game glitches and enjoyed that video, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy these compilation videos of the recent UFC game that highlights their glitches.  Not a bad fake Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan on the call.



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