STOCKTON (CBS13) — San Joaquin Delta College wants to relocate its soccer field, because it put in the wrong grass.

Delta College Athletics wants to relocate its soccer teams inside this sports complex where other sports teams play on artificial turf.

“All our other fields, our baseball, our softball, our football are all artificial turf,” said Delta College athletics director Daryl Arroyo.

Delta College’s sports field complex was built in 2007 with taxpayer money from Measure L. The soccer field was supposed to be inside. Current administrators don’t know why it ended up across the street.

“To be honest with you, I’m not 100 percent sure,” said Arroyo. “Our president, the dean, the vice president, the board – none of them were around when a lot of this was happening.”

Arroyo has been at Delta College 11 months.

The soccer field had grass planted, but it wasn’t the preferred Bermuda short grass.

“The grass we put in wasn’t the correct grass, so if you cut it as low as you need it to be to play soccer, it dies,” said Arroyo.

The soccer field had several bald patches on Wednesday morning. Arroyo said, to his knowledge, no athlete was ever injured because of the field, but several coaches from opposing teams have complained about the quality.

The new administration wants to adopt the original plan, which would move the soccer field back to the big field complex. The change will cost $3.5 million dollars from the college’s bond money fund.

Athletes said they don’t notice a big difference playing on turf.

“Turf is a little bit harder,” said sophomore football player Antwan Washington.

Turf, however, is easier on the long-term budget.

“You need some water occasionally to cool them off, but nowhere near the amount of water that you need on grass,” said Arroyo.

The soccer field proposal goes before the board September 9. If approved, the soccer teams will have a new field next school year.

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